Cheetah Girls fantasies and boquerones in Barcelona

Last weekend I booked a trip to see one of my best friends from high school in Barcelona. She’s currently studying in London, and went to Barcelona for spring break with her abroad friends. When my trip to Barcelona didn’t work out two weekends ago, I jumped at this chance to see her and the city.

I’m not ashamed to admit that my first encounter with Barcelona was from watching Cheetah Girls 2. In my pre-teens, Disney Channel Original Movies were one of my favorite past times. I used to sit in a little blue chair at my grandparent’s house on afternoons after school and snack on peanuts and pickles and dance around the room to them.

I would’ve never thought that less than a decade later I would be landing on a Ryanair flight by myself in Barcelona, Spain to see a best friend from home. It was Cheetah-Girl-dance-around-the-room exciting. Every once in a while on the trip Emily and I would squeeze hands, and say something like “we’re here, we’re here” and then break out into a cheetah song. As much as I tried to make those moments real and memorable, they are still such a blur. But I made sure to take as many mental snap shots as possible – especially as I ate boquerones with a tiny fork and sat on the beach of the Mediterranean with my best friend. That was definitely one of my favorite moments abroad.

And another was our trip to the Sant Josep market in the center of the city. I knew I would fall in love with this market the minute I saw it and I was right. I had no idea where to start, but slowly ate my way around the market. In total, I had a fresh strawberry and mango smoothie, a large cup of fruit, a chicken and vegetable empaƱada, a fried cob kebab, and boquerones for the road. I definitely did not stay long enough, and believe that only a trip a day for the rest of my life would suffice. While I enjoyed being with my friend and her friends at the market, I think this was something I would have loved to have experienced completely alone or completely in love (which is how I feel about many of these trips I’ve been taking). So, that only leaves me one option, to return!






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  1. HEY bOP, gLAD YOU ARE HAVING THE WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE we knew you would! Wish I was with you,And really wish I would be with you when your parents will be there. Can’t believe this will be your Dad’s first trip to Paris!! Visited with Sweetie yesterday, and we talked about you!!!We are both excited for you! Then, today I saw this post! Will talk to her about this! Have fun; soak up everything , and know I love you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and always in my heart! Love, Paulette

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